Q: What is mycard?
A: Mycard is a company engaged in the loyalty program running its program so simple, easy, interesting and different from other loyalty programs. mycard is developing multipurpose card that can be used as a loyalty program card at various merchants according to your lifestyle.

Q: How do I get the card of mycard?
A: To get the card of mycard, you have to join or incorporate with an association, affiliation or organization that has members more than 500 person.

Q: Is there any cost to become mycard member?
A: Yes, you will be charged a cost to the applicable terms and condition.

Q: How much the register fee to make card of mycard?
A: Register fee of mycard is Rp 120.000 and you will have a lot of great privilege for merchants with mycard’s logo.

Q: What kind of mycard program? Is there only discount price?
A: We have various program not only for diskon price (10% minimum), but also special rate or corporate rate when you use mycard.

Q: What merchants that have join with mycard?
A: We deliver mycard different eachtown in all of Indonesia and Singapore area. We have various merchants for giving privilege not only in café and resto, but also in the bar and club, golf, sport station (billiard, gym, fitness etc.) hotel and resort, travel, fashion, and many more.

Q: How do I know the merchants that have become mycard’s member?
A: This runs so simple when you assuring you enter the merchants with mycard’s logo.Itcan be seen in acrylic or sticker on the front liner or you can visit our website on www.mycard.co.id

Q: Is there any exception for member to not get mycard facility?
A: Yes, if you don’t bring your mycard or not show your card to the front liner while you make a transaction in mycard merchants. So keep your card in you and please get our great facility in thousand merchants in Indonesia and Singapore.

Q: Where do we get mycard facility?
A: In all mycard merchants in Indonesia and Singapore.

Q: Can mycard is used by my colleague or my siblings?
A: Unfortunatelly, mycard is only for cardholder in the association or organizationso cannot be used by others.

Q: I need personal assistance with my transaction, who can I contact?
A: Here at mycard, we take you to our experienced customer service for using mycard is available by calling us at (+62) 21 5129 9597 or you can visit our website at www.mycard.co.id